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A Clean Slate

Its been a few years that i have had this blog, but all i ever added into this was complete junk. So Its time for a reboot... I went ahead and deleted all the blog posts i had and decided to start fresh...

My life has considerably changed over the last few weeks; you could say i have had an eye opening experience, or rather i am growing into something new. I guess i would simply call it evolution. 

Here are a few things i have started in the last few weeks... some of them are really simple and some are really big

Brushing my tooth every night - Yes, i know !!! Eating healthy - That means eating Fruits and Veggies. Walking for 30 mins each dayKeep away from Social Networks - Facebook, twitter etc. Not checking personal emails thru out the dayNot using the phone when speaking to people...ReadingListening to something which adds value to my life when i drive - Audio books & PodcastsDriving safe & smoothKeeping track of my money - Thanks Dave Ramsey, you the man...Thinking about reti…