A Clean Slate

Its been a few years that i have had this blog, but all i ever added into this was complete junk. So Its time for a reboot... I went ahead and deleted all the blog posts i had and decided to start fresh...

My life has considerably changed over the last few weeks; you could say i have had an eye opening experience, or rather i am growing into something new. I guess i would simply call it evolution. 

Here are a few things i have started in the last few weeks... some of them are really simple and some are really big

  1. Brushing my tooth every night - Yes, i know !!! 
  2. Eating healthy - That means eating Fruits and Veggies. 
  3. Walking for 30 mins each day
  4. Keep away from Social Networks - Facebook, twitter etc. 
  5. Not checking personal emails thru out the day
  6. Not using the phone when speaking to people...
  7. Reading
  8. Listening to something which adds value to my life when i drive - Audio books & Podcasts
  9. Driving safe & smooth
  10. Keeping track of my money - Thanks Dave Ramsey, you the man...
  11. Thinking about retirement - Thanks Chris Hogan...
  12. De-cluttering my life - Thanks to the minimalists.
Honestly there are soo many things happening in my life right now, its like someone smacked my head and said wake up... wow... 

I will use this blog to keep track of the changes i make and how they impact me as an individual. Hopefully someone somewhere finds value in this, if not, it will be just another blog in the millions of the blogs out there... 


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