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Living off Facebook..

It all started with a talk on NPR, where in there was a discussion going on how much time we spend on Facebook and other social networking sites. They even mentioned that most of these social companies have folks look at ethics around this, which got to me. Why would there be a need for that ? Around the same time, i had found the minimalists, who talk about living with less. One of their podcasts was around social networking and i decided to give it a try - disconnect from all and decide which tool adds value to my life.

The first few days were tough - my phone did not vibrate 1000 times a day, but there was a occasional text or call from folks i meet everyday - my wife and friends at work and an occasional text from a family member from across the globe. I felt that something was missing from my life; I did not know what people were doing !!! I gave it time... I had to go thru this. Facebook was evil too - they kept sending me an email with some comment to get me back online, which …