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Do i really need a new laptop ???

It's kinda funny when i think about all the crazy laptops which are available in the market today and i am stuck with a chromebook which i bought off a refurbished store about a year back.

My Acer chromebook 14, which was refurbished, has and does everything i need from a laptop. It’s a intel powered chromebook with an aluminium body and has an awesome IPS display. Being a programmer, I obviously run the developer edition of the chrome os with ubuntu (via crouton) which works pretty good for me. I use the chromebook for most of the daily activities and occasionally use ubuntu when i need to do something that the chromebook does not allow me to do. Plus the battery life is soooo freeeekin awesome !!!!

I often think that i need to upgrade to one of the cool laptops which can run everything from a chrome browser or help put a person on Mars; but when i look at the prices on those machines, i stop. Why would i want to spend $2000 on a new mac book pro when all i really do on my persona…