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Ubuntu adventure - volume 2

Having fun with my xfce adventure on my chromebook, I decided to start using Ubuntu at work. It's easier than said, as my work team only supports the use of Windows or Mac and getting them to agree to allow me to use Ubuntu is almost as hard as making 1000 Tesla cars in a day.

Decided to go with VMWare for this as i am allowed to use that at work - not my go to option, but will have to do for now.

Had to stick with an older version of Ubuntu (14) as the new version (16) did not work with my version of vmware workstation. Tried to install 16 multiple times and all resulted in failures, so decided to give up after 5 attempts as it seemed to be a complete waste of time as i had the 14 version running

Setting up Eclipse (Bread and Butter of any dev)
Downloaded Java 6, 7 & 8 version and set it upExtracted the tar archivessudo tar -xzvf <filename>moved the files into bin location under a new folder jvmsudo mkdir -p /usr/bin/jvmsudo mv <folder> /usr/bin/jvmsetup the 3 vers…

Chromebook xfce printer adventure

From my previous post you already know that I use a chromebook running xfce, and considering its been a while since i truly used Linux as my personal machine, lets just say I am having a bit of what i would call 'long term memory loss'.

I am trying to identify all the things I need a windows machine for and trying to find alternatives to do the same on my xfce and printing / scanning is one of those big things. 
I basically own an old HP 3050A deskjet printer which I bought in 2011 during the thanksgiving sale and it is still chugging along for me. It basically prints, scans and has WiFi which is probably all that I need. I have thought about replacing this for a while, but I haven't been able to make up my mind on what I need to get - so for now, I am stuck with it.
If you do not want to read my attempts, then go directly to the end to see the exact steps :)
Attempt 1 Download the HP drivers from the developers portal (…