Chromebook xfce printer adventure

From my previous post you already know that I use a chromebook running xfce, and considering its been a while since i truly used Linux as my personal machine, lets just say I am having a bit of what i would call 'long term memory loss'.

I am trying to identify all the things I need a windows machine for and trying to find alternatives to do the same on my xfce and printing / scanning is one of those big things. 

I basically own an old HP 3050A deskjet printer which I bought in 2011 during the thanksgiving sale and it is still chugging along for me. It basically prints, scans and has WiFi which is probably all that I need. I have thought about replacing this for a while, but I haven't been able to make up my mind on what I need to get - so for now, I am stuck with it.

If you do not want to read my attempts, then go directly to the end to see the exact steps :)

Attempt 1
  1. Download the HP drivers from the developers portal (
  2. Tried to run it - kept failing saying that the package installer is already running in the background.
  3. I selected the option to ignore and it failed saying cups was not installed.
  4. I then ran the apt-get and installed cups
  5. tried to run the hp setup again, but again I was stuck with the same error. 
  6. gave up... hated xfce and cursed myself... 
Attempt 2
Gave a break for a few days to get my head clear and started again. 
  1. As cups was already installed, I went ahead and installed the system-config-printer-gnome
  2. Now I saw a new option in the menu 'Printers'... alas I am making progress. 
  3. When I opened it, got an error that the service was not running. As soon as I saw that I realized how dumb I had been and started the cups service by calling 'sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart' and the cups was up.
  4. Closed the printer tab and re-opened it and I saw that it was allowing me to setup the printer.
  5. I now tried to run the installation of the HP printer files by executing the .run file and I selected all the default configs and after a long time it was done.
  6. I was then able to set up my HP printer via WiFi and was able to print my first page and scan a 3 page document. 

Final Steps / commands
  1. open terminal and run the below commands. 
    1. sudo apt-get install cups
    2. sudo apt-get install cups-bsd
    3. sudo apt-get install system-config-printer-gnome
    4. sudo adduser <user_name> lpadmin
    5. sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart
  2. Go to HP developer portal and download the Ubuntu file.
    1. The .run file will get downloaded into the 'Downloads' folder
    2. Create a new folder called hplib and move the run file into it. (very important)
    3. Go to the folder and run the below command
      1. sh <file_name>.run
      2. use defaults for all the options it provides.
      3. If you get a warning that the package manager is running, select to ignore it. It should work fine
      4. Should take a while, but will get installed. 
    4. Once installation is complete, you will get a message to restart is printer was connected.. blah blah etc... Select ignore.
    5. You will get an option to setup your printer - Select GUI (default)
    6. You should see a 'HP Device Manager' tab open.
      1. Select Network/Ethernet/Wireless
      2. Select advanced and select the 'manual discovery' checkbox
      3. Enter the printer IP and click next
      4. You should see your printer in the next screen
      5. Complete the rest of the steps
    7. You are all set to use your WiFi printer to scan & print. 
It was fun setting this up and learning how to use the HP tool. 

Now I am thinking what else did I need a windows machine for.... 


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