Pixel 2 XL upload issue

I recently bought myself a Google Pixel 2 XL Panda phone and a few days into the using the phone i noticed some issues with the uploads. I had no clue what was happening as my downloads on WIFI were 100+ Mbps, but the upload was in kbps which was weird.

I reset my phone and still had no way to understand what was going on. Went to the target store near my place and was able to run another speedtest on the target free wifi and noticed that the uploads were working, which meant the issue was related to the WIFI at my place.

After a few hours of digging on the internet, i found that few other people had the same issue with the DDWRT routers they were using due to an older version. I realized that i was running an early 2014 version of the software which could the cause of the issue and once i updated it to the 2018 version, all my issues were solved.

So if you face the same issue, it could just be the router.


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