chromebook xfce trackpad palm issue

Basically the track pad on my Acer Chromebook 14 was a mess as the palm detection was turned off by default when you install xfce using crouton.

here is how you turn it on

To check what is the current settings:
synclient | grep "Palm"

you will get the below response
    PalmDetect              = 0
    PalmMinWidth            = 10
    PalmMinZ                = 200

you basically need to set the PalmDetect to 1 and PalmMinWidth to about 3. That did the trick for me. Below are the commands to use

synclient PalmDetect=1
synclient PalmMinWidth=3

Another pain point is that everytime you logout, the settings get reset back to 0 and 10. So i basically set this up as a startup command. Make sure you add 2 seperate commands, else they do not seem to work.

  1. go to "session and startup"
  2. go to "Application Autostart" tab
  3. click on "Add"
  4. give some name and description and add the command.
next time you log back in, the commands will be run automatically and palm detection should be on. 

It's kinda stupid why it keeps getting reset and there does not seem to be a way to hard set it apart from running it as a startup script.


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