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Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431 ChromeOS removal

Removing Chrome OS the Full ROM Firmware to remove the Google crap out of the machine. GalliumOS vs XUBUNTU Gallium OS 2 is not supported properly with the Full ROM, so i had to get the nightly build with 3.1 alpha build. It worked perfectly fine, but there is nothing happening in Gallium for a while - I am not sure if the OS is still being maintained or not. I do understand that the OS is being built by devs during spare time and there is no team who is fully dedicated to get the releases out. This delay combined with all the machines at home running xubuntu, I decided to install xubuntu on the chromebook and try to fix the issues along the way. 

Issue List Track pad not workingNo SoundSlowness (Compared to Gallium)No shortcut keys working - the chromebook keyboard ones. 

Trackpad fix Ran the below command to get the trackpad working.  xinput set-prop "Elan Touchpad" "Synaptics Finger" 5 10 50
Problem is it keeps getting reset ev…

Closing accounts I do not use turns intresting

Now that I was closing accounts which I was trying to find paid alternatives for - I realized something very interesting. Most providers just agree to disable the account, but do not agree to delete your data. Its making me more focused to get away from these "free" service providers.

My new goal is to get away from all free services by Jan 31st 2019.

Deculttering my "free" online presense

After the new facebook data sharing crap, I believe its high time we stop giving data to these companies who make money selling your information. When you realize that nothing in life comes for free, you start to realize how bad things are. We often worry that the government is tracking you, but it feels that it's not the government we need to worry about; its these companies.

I started with facebook for now - I downloaded all my data and started the delete process. It will be a slow process until i find paid alternatives for everything I need to live in this connected life.

Lets see where I land and what I end up paying for.

getting rid of chrome os

If you have read my last OS, I do have Gallium running on my Chromebook.

I bought Chrome OS thinking it will just be a machine to check email when I am on-the-go and it worked fine for a while until I just got annoyed how little I could do with it.

Thanks to crouton, I was able to run xfce on the box for a while which removed some of the pain - but there was still something lingering in the back of my head. What about running linux on it full time.

Replaced with various distros and had a lot of problems - some had no sound, some had keyboard problems and some trackpad problems.

Finally found Gallium and it worked perfectly. Have been using it for the last 2 months and have had no issues at all.

Think I am finally happy with my chromebook.

Picking the right linux distro???

Having been working on Linux for such a long time, I seem to be coming back to xfce (thru xubuntu) every single time i switch to a different distro.

I really had high expectations on most of the ubuntu distros, but all seem to be failing in one form or another.

Ubuntu - Hate the Gnome 3.x interface mixed with the canonical's work on it. Not sure why, but it just did not work for me.

Lubuntu - I liked Lubuntu, as it was pretty close to xubuntu; but the interface felt too dated for me. I will definitely use it in the future if i have a machine old enough to need this. I don't really have any complaints on this one. I do understand that it does serve its purpose of being the light weight OS for old machines - which makes it perfect for what its meant to do.

Elementary - The interface was awesome, but it was bad when i had to install anything which does not go well with that interface. I use eclipse for 50% of my work and it was horrible on elementary. I had to ditch it.

Mint - I …