Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431 ChromeOS removal

Removing Chrome OS

  • Used the Full ROM Firmware to remove the Google crap out of the machine. 
GalliumOS vs XUBUNTU
Gallium OS 2 is not supported properly with the Full ROM, so i had to get the nightly build with 3.1 alpha build. It worked perfectly fine, but there is nothing happening in Gallium for a while - I am not sure if the OS is still being maintained or not. I do understand that the OS is being built by devs during spare time and there is no team who is fully dedicated to get the releases out. This delay combined with all the machines at home running xubuntu, I decided to install xubuntu on the chromebook and try to fix the issues along the way. 

Issue List
  1. Track pad not working
  2. No Sound
  3. Slowness (Compared to Gallium)
  4. No shortcut keys working - the chromebook keyboard ones. 

Trackpad fix
Ran the below command to get the trackpad working. 
xinput set-prop "Elan Touchpad" "Synaptics Finger" 5 10 50

Problem is it keeps getting reset everytime I restart. I currently have it in the .profile file to run it each time I login. 

Will need to find a more permanent solution. 

Also once I got the trackpad working, it was all over the place. The Palm recognition was messed up. 
Below are some additional commands i have in the profile file to fix that. Its not perfect, but will work for now. 

synclient PalmDetect=1
synclient PalmMinWidth=3
synclient PalmMinZ=100

No Sound fix
I was able to copy asound.state file from gallium 3.1 to xubuntu to get the sound working.

<Will share my file soon>

pgrep alsa
sudo cp /media/sandeep/share/asound.state /var/lib/alsa/
sudo alsa force-reload

Sound started working after this, so to make it more permanent, ran the below

alsactl init

sudo alsactl store --file /var/lib/alsa/asound.state
sudo alsa force-reload

Things are working perfectly now.

Slowness fix


Chromebook Shortcut Keys
Still in the process of setting up the keys, so the steps are incomplete.

As the chromebook shortcuts are being read as F keys now, i decided not to use them directly as shortcuts, but instead to use them with the chrome search key which is also called the "Super" key in xubuntu.

Sound adjustment commands (to be set in keyboard shortcuts)
Mute / Un-Mute --> pactl -- set-sink-mute 0 toggle
volume up by 10% --> pactl -- set-sink-volume 0 +10%
volume down by 10% --> pactl -- set-sink-volume 0 -10%

.... More to come....


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