Picking the right linux distro???

Having been working on Linux for such a long time, I seem to be coming back to xfce (thru xubuntu) every single time i switch to a different distro.

I really had high expectations on most of the ubuntu distros, but all seem to be failing in one form or another.

Ubuntu - Hate the Gnome 3.x interface mixed with the canonical's work on it. Not sure why, but it just did not work for me.

Lubuntu - I liked Lubuntu, as it was pretty close to xubuntu; but the interface felt too dated for me. I will definitely use it in the future if i have a machine old enough to need this. I don't really have any complaints on this one. I do understand that it does serve its purpose of being the light weight OS for old machines - which makes it perfect for what its meant to do.

Elementary - The interface was awesome, but it was bad when i had to install anything which does not go well with that interface. I use eclipse for 50% of my work and it was horrible on elementary. I had to ditch it.

Mint - I did not  really have any complaints about mint as they had an xfce edition. It actually looked better than xubuntu in a much smaller RAM footprint. I was just a bit skeptical about all the security issues which were being thrown around around the internet - I am sure its not an issue with the OS, but just some misunderstanding around what happened on the website. I am currently testing this out to become my xubuntu replacement - Let's see how this goes.

Fedora - Fedora is what i used to use before i jumped into ubuntu back in 2005, so i really had high hopes for this. Gnome 3.x interface killed it for me.

Gallium OS - This is the OS i use on my chromebook after i removed chrome os from it. I really wanted to add xubuntu or lubuntu here, but the sound did not work and i personally did not have the time to work on it to get it to work. I will stick with Gallium for now - just hoping they are able to get me up to bionic soon.

for now, I have 5 machines running different version of Ubuntu now

  • Ubuntu - There is an old HP Laptop (10 years now) which is running the 18.04 LTS. I plan to replace this with Xubuntu or Mint soon. 
  • Xubuntu & Mint Tara xfce running on my laptops which i use for development
  • Xubuntu on my desktop machine
  • Gallium on my chromebook (after removing chrome OS)

Went back to xubuntu. There seems to be no replacement for it. 


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