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MySQL 8 Setup on Ubuntu

InstallationDownload the deb file to the location where the file was downloaded and run the below command sudo apt-get install ./<file_name> run update to get the latest mysql version sudo apt-get update install mysql sudo apt-get install mysql-server you will be asked to set a root password - set something ok for most of the options as the defaults are good. you are good to go Setup Access to rootyou will not be able to access the db using mysql -u root -p with the password you set during installation. run sudo mysql_secure_installation to setup the db correctlyset validate password plugin as falseset the root password to something you can rememberset anon uses as falseset remote access to true / false based on where you want to use it. set mysql to be accessed by root with a passwordacess using sudo mysql and run the below commandsuse mysql;UPDATE user SET plugin='mysql_native_password' WHERE User='root'…