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Raspberry Pi 4 as Cheap NAS

Coming soon.

My (not so) Chromebook is sold

This day had to come. I got rid of my Chromebook a few days back. Just realized I was wasting too much time doing thing on it which I could do better on my NUC. Good thing is as I keep my devices super clean, I sold it for a really good price as it looked almost new even after a few years.

I still did need a laptop which I can drag around when I code, so decided to get a cheap Acer spin 14. It has decent specs - 8th gen i7, 16 gb Ram, 512 GB NVMe SSD which should keep my running for the next few years. The touchscreen which came with it is the only thing I am not a big fan of.

As I use linux as my daily machine, the specs are overkill for what I do.